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New discs, bags, and accessories for the sport of disc golf including birdie beads to keep score which make great gifts! Please request extra business cards to hand out to your friends or post at your local course with my thanks.

I am an officially authorized retailer of ABC Discs, Innova Discs, NutSac Bags, Prodigy Disc, and Team Disc Jock apparel. Plus, KanJam!
More Disc Golf
2012 inFlight Guide Image

2012 inFlight Guide
disc flight chart

Beanie Hat Image

Beanie Hat
by Aeropostale

Birdie Beads Image

Birdie Beads
disc golf score keeper

KanJam Glow-Kit Image

KanJam Glow-Kit
Play at night, see the light!

KanJam MINI Game Set Image

KanJam MINI Game Set
Ultimate indoor/outdoor game

KanJam MINI Disc 3 Pack Image

KanJam MINI Disc 3 Pack
Official KanJam MINI & SPLASH Game Disc

KanJam SPLASH Game Set Image

KanJam SPLASH Game Set
Ultimate water game

Reusable Scorecard Image
Ript Revenge Image

Ript Revenge
disc golf card game Bag Tag Image
$5.00 Bag Tag
Can you beat me? Dryfit Shirt Image
$15.00 Dryfit Shirt
Wear with pride, and my thanks! Polo Dryfit Shirt Image
$20.00 Polo Dryfit Shirt
Wear with pride, and my thanks! Sticker Image
$3.00 Sticker
Thank you for your support.